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Scott Pollard

Scott Pollard

Scott Pollard leads Vodafone New Zealand’s Internet of Things line of business. Globally ranked number one provider of machine-to-machine services by analyst firms Gartner, Machina Research and Analysys Mason, Vodafone manages nearly 100 million cellular machine-to-machine connections and devices across more than 640 networks.

Scott has experience in operations, marketing and sales leadership across large organisations in the retail, telecommunications, financial services and energy sectors.

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Wednesday 25 September
IoT to The Rescue
2pm-2:45pm Spotless Seminar Series

IoT is changing the way humans live. By being able to collect data from the real things in our lives, we can lower power consumption, farm better, help people with disabilities, plus many more innovative applications.

Connected technology has an equalising effect, that can be a particular help for people with disabilities – by making our spaces more interactive, more welcoming and more human.

Connecting things to the internet is, unsurprisingly, an essential piece of the Internet of Things. But when it comes to evaluating what type of network connectivity is best for a given IoT solution, it can feel like there are an overwhelming number of options. Cellular, satellite, WiFi, Bluetooth, RFID, NFC, LPWAN, and Ethernet are all possible ways to connect a sensor/device. And within each of these options, there are different providers. 

Last but certainly not least in any implementation of IoT, it is important to consider IoT security. Not just your device but what your device can do to the internet.

In this 30-minute seminar slot, Ulrich Frerk (founder of Adroit) and Scott Pollard (country manager of IoT for Vodafone NZ) will dive into the most innovative and impressive ways that IoT is assisting those with disabilities, how companies collect and use data from their things, how NB-IoT fits in, and how Vodafone is leading the way in the IoT space and IoT security.