Auckland 2020

25-26 Nov, Wed–Thu 10am–5pm, ASB Showgrounds

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Ulrich Frerk

Ulrich Frerk

Ulrich Frerk - Founder & Technical Director at Adroit

Ulrich Frerk is an entrepreneur who seeks to not only create world-leading IoT technology but also to change the world and the way people interact with it. By the time the acronym ‘IoT’ was created in 2016, Adroit was already in operation, developing devices that would allow ‘dumb’ appliances like brewing machines and spa pools to be IoT capable – enabling them to be controlled intelligently and learn how to control themselves through artificial intelligence and machine learning.

For Ulrich, it is all about improving human life, energy efficiency in homes and businesses, and making our spaces more interactive, more welcoming and more human.

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Wednesday 25 November
IoT is Awesome - so why are the odds your project will fail?
1pm-1:45pm Bunnings Trade Speaker Series

With the evolution of the IoT, the world is full of opportunities to automate processes, learn about your products and their use and to create new services and customer experiences.

Whether that’s a system to measure the atmosphere of your workspace in the Post-Covid world, understanding what conditions cause faults in key machinery, automating dumb processes that simply cost you money and cause staff disruption… There are now so many ways IoT can liberate your business as well as providing important insights on consumer behaviour and product performance.

But not all of it is useful, or advisable!

Digital trailblazer Ulrich Frerk is one of New Zealand’s IoT pioneers - he’s seen all the IoT’s uses, its successes and pitfalls and he’s on a mission to educate businesses on how to succeed with IoT based automation.

“70 percent of IoT projects fail because they’re not tied back to an actual need!"

“How you use data will have a huge impact on your company and likewise, any IoT Project,” he says.

In his talk, hear Ulrich outline how the IoT can take your business into the future, how to refine what you really need and how to ensure that your IoT project is money invested rather than money spent.

And armed with the right plan and the right data, the IoT can arm your business with the tools to succeed and the weapons to defend your niche against competitors.