Auckland 2018

25-26 Sep, Tue: 10am-5pm, Wed 10am–4pm, ASB Showgrounds

Spotless Seminar Series

Attend the free Spotless Seminar Series to upskill and expand your knowledge on topics showcasing the latest trends and insights within the facilities management and system integration industries.

Seminar seating is on a first come, first served basis.

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A full schedule will be available closer to the event.


Tuesday 25 September

Technology, design and user experience in the built environment

Internationally recognised for his design nous, Michael underscores the importance of balancing technology with user experience. He believes good design puts user experience at the core, a concept equally applicable to buildings and any consumer product. Space dictates behaviour, Michael argues, so designers must consider how people wayfind, enter, and move through buildings as a key component of user experience. With the relentless introduction of technology, Michael shares how to find balance in environments that foster creativity, innovation, and collaboration.

For nearly two decades, Michael has been a leader in the convergence of technology, education, and design. In 1999 he set out to reinvent arts education by founding the nation's largest non-profit industrial arts facility, The Crucible. Next he led Stanford's ReDesigning Theater Project to turn theatre on its head within the world-renowned dSchool, then charted the future of making and learning while leading Stanford’s Creative Ignition Lab at Autodesk in San Francisco. He finally landed at Google X, where he helms the company’s in-house prototyping lab.


Facilities Management on a grand scale in the PPP context

Spotless facilities management looks after your world through design, build, mobilisation and ongoing operations. Spotless uses the latest building technology to improve building efficiencies and reduce resource usage, whilst also innovating and maintaining excellent service delivery.



Wednesday 26 September

Building compliance for facility managers

Are you paying too much for your BWOF compliance? Or are you not doing enough?
Do you need to upgrade your building? Or can you kick back recommendations?
Are safety audits going too far?
This session will save you money and sanity.
Rosemary will answer these questions and more, plus provide tips and tricks to get more information.


Where's the world going?

Roger Dennis will touch on some major drivers of change that currently underpin media headlines and explain what this means for New Zealand. He will also present some of the key findings from the latest work in the Future Agenda programme.  Future Agenda is the world’s largest foresight programme and has just completed an in-depth look at the future value of data.  


The 'smart building' is here

Technology is changing the way we can design and optimise buildings for greater comfort, efficiency, and even to get your coffee and air conditioning just the way you like it!  Discover the latest in building automation and management system innovation that make buildings more energy efficient, sustainable, and occupant friendly.

Find out about the world’s most sustainable building - ‘The Edge’ - and other examples of smart buildings around the world and what technology advances mean for residential and commercial developments now and into the future.  


Safety at height

David presents a unique “hands on” angle to Safety in Design for roof access. His presentation focuses on the practical needs of roof access