Auckland 2020

12-13 Aug, Wed–Thu 10am–5pm, ASB Showgrounds

Kirk Hardy

Kirk Hardy

Kirk Hardy - Chief Executive Officer at The Drug Detection Agency (TDDA)

Kirk Hardy is the CEO of The Drug Detection Agency (TDDA), Australasia’s leading providers of workplace drug and alcohol testing and education services.

Kirk is tasked with creating the strategy and managing the operations that keep TDDA the market leader in Australasia. He ensures that TDDA’s end-to-end services provide clients with independently verified systems and processes that lead to the company’s main objective – safer workplaces.

Kirk is a former New Zealand Police Officer, a qualified detective and served in the Drug Squad where he investigated national and international drug dealing syndicates and targeted New Zealand’s organised crime groups. He also has over 15 years of experience in workplace drug testing, Kirk is an expert on substance use and testing technologies in the workplace. He is a former long-standing board member of the U.S based Drug and Alcohol Testing Association (DATIA) and National Drug and Alcohol Screening Association (NDASA), and the former chair of both organisations’ international committees.

Kirk is qualified as a trained drug abuse recognition trainer from the California Narcotics Officers Association ‘CNOA’. Kirk regularly presents at international conferences on drug and alcohol use in the South Pacific, and the ever-developing drug market, and is New Zealand’s leading expert on current global and local drug trends.

See Kirk Hardy live in Auckland 2020

Thursday 13 August
Workplace Drug Testing and the Referendum – Will Your Business Go Up in Smoke?
2pm-2:45pm Bunnings Trade Speaker Series

Workplace drug testing is on the front line of risk mitigation for a business. In this session from The Drug Detection Agency (TDDA) you will get a 101 introductory course on workplace drug testing.

CEO Kirk Hardy, C0O Glenn Dobson, and Group Technical Manager Rod Dale will discuss the importance of a comprehensive policy, testing types and uses, developments in oral fluid testing, and fishhooks, pitfalls, and other common mistakes. Companies will learn about how drug and alcohol testing, or the lack thereof, can make or break a company’s culture.

Kirk and the team will also discuss what is on every employers’ mind… what to do about the Cannabis Referendum. The panel will also include a Q & A session after the discussion. Don’t miss your chance to hear from New Zealand’s largest and most experienced workplace drug and alcohol testing team during a fun, memorable and informative session.