Auckland 2020

25-26 Nov, Wed–Thu 10am–5pm, ASB Showgrounds

Loop Technologies

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Loop Technologies

Loop Technologies is an electronics company providing a wide range of services to large organisations including telcos, government agencies and local bodies.

We provide a proven Internet of Things hardware and software platform that is customisable to the specific needs of facilities managers and other customers requiring actionable data.

Tauranga City Council, for example, use our platform to measure, monitor and control public toilet usage. They are enjoying a range of benefits on a completely web based system:

• Remote lock and unlock to their own schedules
• Monitoring cleaning times and frequency
• Complete and detailed usage data
• Cleaning optimisation

Another useful facilities management tool we offer is a camera-less people traffic and occupancy counter. This has a wide range of applications for measuring and monitoring usage. It can be used in spaces such as buildings, parks, playgrounds, walk ways and boat ramps.