Auckland 2020

25-26 Nov, Wed–Thu 10am–5pm, ASB Showgrounds

Priti Ambani

Priti Ambani

Priti Ambani - Director of Innovation at Tech Futures Lab

Priti Ambani is an engineer, entrepreneur and educator. Over the last 11+ years, in Asia, North America and Europe, Priti has led initiatives and startup ventures that leverage the dynamics of digital collaboration and emerging disruptive technologies to create thriving societies. She is a thought leader on networked business models, business sustainability and the future of work.

Priti is the Director of Innovation at Tech Futures Lab, where she helps leadership teams design and develop corporate innovation programmes. She is also part of the business innovation faculty on post graduate programmes and advises Masters candidates on their business and startup projects.

Priti is co-founder and host of Moonshot:City, a podcast and blog exploring the big questions around what makes a resilient and regenerative city and sits on the boards of Auckland Chamber of Commerce and Superdiversity Council.