Auckland 2022

29-30 Jun, Wed–Thu 10am–5pm, Auckland Showgrounds

Lance Jimmieson

Lance Jimmieson

Lance is the Director of Jackson Engineering, a team of leading specialist Building Services engineers focused on the Built Environment. Lance is on the cutting edge of ongoing programmes to "Green" existing buildings and is a recognised thinker and innovator in HVAC engineering. Lance and his team are leading the field by changing the conversation towards improving the performance of existing buildings, through leadership and education of building owners, tenants and industry professionals focused on the built environment.

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Wednesday 29 June
Fit-for Purpose Indoor Environments – Changing the Conversation to embrace our new reality
2pm-3pm Seminar Series - brought to you by Bunnings Trade

Lance Jimmieson - Director of Jackson Engineering, Robert Mannes - Director of 22 Degrees

HVAC Systems are an increasingly key ingredient to the success or otherwise of our commercial building stock.

Embracing hybrid working, addressing concerns around Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), the need to reduce our carbon footprint are seemingly opposing forces in the drive towards creating ‘Fit-for-purpose’ buildings.

The changing landscape is putting the spotlight on traditional approaches to creating Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems that meet the current and future needs and concerns of building owners and tenants alike.

A ‘Change in Conversation’ is required at the investors table, around the design table and among FM professionals if the conversation around the water cooler in the many tenancies across the country is to remain positive.

Join this presentation to understand some of the concerns and drivers pushing for a more considered approach. Gain industry leading insights into what needs to change in order to achieve ‘Fit for Purpose’ solutions to these issues.