Auckland 2022

29-30 Jun, Wed–Thu 10am–5pm, Auckland Showgrounds

Nick Opasinis

Nick Opasinis

Nick provides strategic solutions for the building and construction industry, helping businesses uncover more effective and efficient ways to manage their progress payment process in what is traditionally a paper-based and complicated process.

Nick has an extensive background working with some of Australasia’s largest builders such as Probuild, Taylors and Acciona. He has used his expertise to provide a truly collaborative approach for the construction industry and deliver measurable improvements in efficiency, risk reduction and improved supply chain collaboration through the use of Payapps.

Organisations of all sizes use Payapps to eliminate the need for endless spreadsheet reconciliations and manual processes for their construction progress payments.

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Thursday 30 June
De-risking the Construction Supply Chain
3pm-3:45pm Seminar Series - brought to you by Bunnings Trade

Nick Opasinis - Senior Business Development Manager, PAYAPPS

Brief Description of Presentation:

  • Have confidence in your data
  • Use technology to curb risk
  • Reduce disputes with information transparency for all parties
  • 1-2 case studies from existing customers