Auckland 2022

29-30 Jun, Wed–Thu 10am–5pm, Auckland Showgrounds

New Product Showcase

You'll find the latest technology, alternative products and get a snapshot of what's happening in your industry at Facilities Integrate. Find leading solutions and innovation to take your business to the next level.

First Security - Stand 298

Keep your team safe with WelfareFirst™ our 24/7 welfare monitoring team are enabled by smart technology - automated welfare checks, panic and silent alerts and GPS tracking.

WelfareFirst is a beautifully simple and effective solution for monitoring worker safety - a safety net that ensures everyone is checked in and safe.

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Moddex - Stand 478

Ezibilt is the ultimate pre-engineered, modular ramp and stair solution, offering modular flexibility that can be configured to suit any site of varying heights and contours. It replaces traditional custom-built access ramp and stairs and eliminates the time-consuming processes associated with site measuring, customised design and installation.

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Nano Project - Stand 418

NASIOL, is one of the world’s leading producers of surface protection solutions using the latest developments in nanotechnology.
Each one of our nanocoatings has unique value propositions but the most common benefits are;
• Anti-corrosion
• Hydrophobicity
• Oleophobicity
• Scratch resistance
• Easy to clean
• Anti-graffiti
• Stain resistance
• UV protection
• Chemical protection
• Antimicrobial and antiviral

Come and see Nanoprotect the distributor for NASIOL at Hall 4 stall 418

Olimpia Splendid Unico Pro - Stand 305

The first wall-mounted air conditioner with no external unit.

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Quickfitting - Stand 348

The Quickfitting® Cable Pull is a forged steel push to connect wire cable pulling device. Using our quick connect technology, we offer a time saving alternative to crimp-on or wire mesh pulling devices.

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Timescapes - Stand 8

Real time visual data to efficiently track construction projects and increase team productivity.

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TRAKA - Stand 468

Traka Touch Key Cabinets are sophisticated systems that have intelligence built-in. They can operate as a standalone or networked to TrakaWEB management software. Extremely versatile allowing for management of 10 to 720 Keysets. A full audit trail of all transactions is retained within the system for reporting purposes.

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Treas Tech - Stand 437

The Next-Generation Emergency lighting system that supports:

•indoor emergency location
•on-premises incident verification
•Evacuation safety report
It provides the safety/security/fire warden with a digital tool to protect the occupants at a higher level.

Rescua™ sets a new benchmark of building safety.

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Upcycle - Stand 18

Tovnet Solar CCTV is an innovative camera made in South Korea. It is the 100% wireless CCTV camera that requires no cables or wires. Experience the most cost and time effective CCTV camera in the world.

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