Auckland 2023

20-21 Jun, Tue–Wed 10am–5pm, Auckland Showgrounds

The Heating Company

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The Heating Company

Electric heating is renewable and the cleanest energy available with comparably inexpensive operation in an insulated home. Modern Homes have lower heating energy costs when using a Heat Recovery Ventilation system, which also controls indoor clean air quality, moisture and thermal comfort.

• Mechanical Heat Recovery Ventilation - offers a healthy living environment at moderate investment, minimal operational cost and is a must for a modern home. It combines extraction in all wet areas and fresh air supply, directly from outside, to living spaces, with around 90% heat recovery.

• Under Floor Heating - for your bathroom, bedrooms and utility rooms is not a luxury but a prerequisite for a comfortable living environment.

• NexGen Infrared Heating is the latest heating technology. The film is completely hidden and placed on the ceiling or wall surface. Not only is it high quality heat, it is extremely efficient, low cost, mitigates mold and FIR is healthy to humans. Like the sun!