Auckland 2023

20-21 Jun, Tue–Wed 10am–5pm, Auckland Showgrounds

UV Solutionz

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UV Solutionz

UV Solutionz Limited are the New Zealand specialists in the custom engineered design and installation of high energy germicidal ultra-violet (UVC) technology. For the purpose of microbial decontamination of air, water and surfaces in commercial, medical, pharmaceutical, hospitality and Foodtech / Packtech processing industries.

UVC is a safe, non-chemical and non-residual disinfection method that is gaining favour worldwide as an effective solution to microbial control.

While many types of UV lamps are available in NZ, only UV Solutionz High Energy lamps have the required energy to inactivate pathogens in the micro seconds of available exposure time allowed in most industrial processes and HVAC conditions that use fast moving air.