Auckland 2024

25-26 Jun, Tue–Wed 10am–5pm, Auckland Showgrounds

Detec New Zealand

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Detec New Zealand offers our completely independent service of electronically testing waterproof membrane systems (liquid and sheet applied) to ensure once completed they are watertight.
We utilise New Zealand's only internationally recognised machines that confirm to both the ASTM D7877-24 and ASTM D8231-19 testing standards - meaning we can (by these standards) test horizontal, raking and vertical surfaces.
We are often told "It is a new membrane. It must be watertight ... right?" How do you know if it has not been tested? If you purchase new tyres on your car - the car is test driven before being returned to you. If you have a new power point installed at home - an electrical test is conducted and certified before the technician leaves. A qualified plumber tests their work, so does a software developer and so on.

Detec New Zealand - Your independent Waterproof Membrane Testing Choice. We are not owned by anyone, but ourselves.