Auckland 2024

25-26 Jun, Tue–Wed 10am–5pm, Auckland Showgrounds


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Pyrotek is the market leader of performance-improving technical acoustic and thermal materials.
With integrated systems and design expertise, our 40+ years of field knowledge and manufacturing capabilities ensure we deliver solutions to every specification. We specialise in lightweight materials, non-combustible insulation, engineered vibration damping, anti-condensation, acoustic absorbers and noise barrier isolation systems to enhance passenger comfort.
Pyrotek’s internal engineering team and R&D department provide advanced testing and results to ensure safety, material quality and excellent performance.

Acoustic & Thermal solutions for Offices, Commercial Buildings, Cafes, Bars, Restaurants, Schools, Educational Facilities, Hospitals, Sports Facilities, Gymnasiums, Leisure Centre's, Home Cinemas, Commercial Theatres, Home Entertainment, Media Rooms, Private Homes and Residential Apartments.