To help you succeed, we’ve put together a package of free marketing tools for you to use in the lead up to Facilities Integrate. Spending a little time planning before the event will pay big dividends when the show comes around. These tools will significantly improve lead generation, so if you haven’t already, we encourage you to start promoting your presence at The Facilities Integrate today!

How can we help you?
The following marketing materials have been developed for your use and provide easy and effective ways to promote your attendance at Facilities Integrate.

Facilities Integrate logos, web tiles & email signatures
Add a Facilities Integrate logo, email signature or banner to your advertising, marketing communications and website – it’s the easiest way to make the show work harder for you and your business. Promote your involvement with us by adding a click-through button to your website, linking this to: www.facilitiesintegrate.nz

Please click on the image below to download the assets.

Join us on social media
Join the social conversation online anytime through our Facebook PageLinked In, and YouTube and find out what’s buzzing in the industry right now, and incorporate your brand story into the conversation. Make sure you include our Facebook cover in your own page so your prospects know you're coming. 

PR and media coverage
Launching a new product or making an announcement? Download the PR form here and tell us about your plans so we can incorporate it in our pre-show PR and marketing.

Facilities Integrate Web banners and logo