Facilities Integrate 2017 was supported by leading organisations

We were grateful to our industry, media, and sponsorship partners whose participation in the show for 2017 helped ensure its relevance, usefulness, and success.

Industry Support Partners

Facilities Management Association of NZ (FMANZ)

The Facilities Management Association of NZ (FMANZ) is NZ’s leading association for the facilities management profession, with more than 500 members nationwide. The organisation provides a collaborative network of professionals, defining and implementing best practices.

"The Facilities Management Association of NZ represents the community of facilities management professionals in New Zealand and is committed to education, networking and advocacy in our sector. We are therefore pleased to be part of this new major trade show which will widely promote facilities management. Facilities Integrate Expo 2015 will bring together the products and services that support efficient and effective management of the built environment."

Des Brennan, Facilities Management Association of New Zealand


Energy Management Association of NZ (EMANZ)

The Energy Management Association of NZ (EMANZ) represents a diverse membership of more than 350 individual and corporate members nationwide, including energy consultants, energy managers, engineers, energy auditors, equipment suppliers, and energy technology specialists.

"EMANZ is dedicated to the promotion of high energy management standards and skills to ensure all sectors of the New Zealand economy undertake exceptional energy management practices. The timing is perfect for a trade exhibition that unites two industries heavily influencing energy management standards in this country. For this reason we’re delighted be a supporting partner of Facilities Integrate 2015."

Ewan Gebbie, Energy Management Association of New Zealand


KNX Association

KNX Association is the worldwide creator and owner of the technology behind applications in home and building control, ranging from lighting and shutter control to various security systems, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, monitoring, alarming, and more.

"The KNX National Group of NZ is delighted to be involved with the Facilities Integrate Expo. We expect the show to be unique in bringing together suppliers and solution providers in a feast for all involved in building services from planning and engineering through the lifecycle of the building. As energy management in buildings is on everyone's agenda, now is an exciting time to share the KNX City approach in the one place where the industry will gather in 2015."

Colin Price, KNX National Group New Zealand


New Zealand Security Association
New Zealand Security Association

The NZSA is the largest industry representative body for the security industry in New Zealand, and represents more than 85 per cent of the industry by revenue.

“Facilities Integrate a great opportunity for us to network with our current members, source new members, and learn more from international, industry leading experts during the speaker sessions.”

Catherine Kightley, NZSA


ASIS New Zealand

ASIS New Zealand is part of ASIS International, the pre-eminent international organisation for security professionals. ASIS has more than 120 members in NZ and is dedicated to increasing the effectiveness and productivity of security practices.

“We are delighted to be part of the Facilities Integrate event as ASIS members, representing the Security Management profession in NZ, work very closely with our allies in the building and facilities management streams and our suppliers in delivering a safe and secure environment for people to work, relax and live in.”

Jeff Brown, ASIS


NABERS New Zealand

Commercial buildings use 21 percent of New Zealand’s electricity, costing business $800 million every year. NABERSNZ™ is a tool to rate and improve the energy efficiency of New Zealand’s office buildings. It is an independent tool, backed by the New Zealand government.

A NABERSNZ Certified Rating provides a clear view of how well a building or tenanted space is using energy. NABERSNZ gives a star rating, from 0 to 6, that clearly shows your building’s energy performance compared to others.

New Zealand adapted the National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS) model from Australia, as part of the EECA Business mandate to help New Zealand businesses improve energy use and reduce carbon emissions.

NABERSNZ is licensed to the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) and is administered by the New Zealand Green Building Council (NZGBC). Ratings are carried out by trained assessors.

CEDIA - Education Provider

CEDIA is the leading global authority in the home technology industry. 
CEDIA represents 3,700 member companies worldwide and serves more than 30,000 industry professionals that manufacture, design, and integrate goods and services for the connected home.

CEDIA is the brand of custom-installed home lifestyle experiences that define a pathway to prosperity for members and ultimate contentment for clients. This is achieved by engaging all integrators and manufacturers, regardless of level of development and geography, with forward-looking insight and the education, tools, relationships, and support necessary to provide clients with best-in-life experiences at home.