Why energy is the new frontier for facilities management


Buildings that cost less to operate, that are more comfortable for the people in them and which have a reduced impact on the environment are a top priority for property owners, managers and tenants today.


Part of a zeitgeist that puts nature back at the centre of modern living, energy efficiency is a major area of focus for the building industry – and that’s why energy management is coming under the spotlight at Facilities Integrate New Zealand.


The annual trade-only event for people who make buildings smarter, safer, and more efficient, Facilities Integrate New Zealand takes place at the ASB Showgrounds on September 24 and 25. It is hosted by North Port Events; Facilities Integrate Event Manager Matt Garty says over the years, energy efficiency has steadily emerged as a priority owing to the many benefits that result from buildings designed with comfort and environmental responsibility in mind.


“Energy efficiency today is practically non-negotiable for all new buildings and every renovation. The evidence shows that not only are these buildings less costly to run, but they are also in demand from tenants who want to demonstrate their commitment to the environment in all aspects of their lives,” says Garty.


Multiple exhibitors at this year’s Facilities Integrate New Zealand expo are focused on energy efficiency, including NZGBC, EMANZ, LZ NZ, World Solar, Quasar Systems, YHI and NuGreen Solutions


The New Zealand Green Building Council provides a system for rating the energy efficiency of office buildings. The independent tool, NABERZNZ, is backed by the New Zealand government; the organisation’s Australian research shows that, energy efficient buildings command up to an 8 percent rental premium.


Appearing at Facilities Integrate New Zealand, the Energy Management Association of New Zealand (EMANZ) promotes the highest standards of energy management, while fostering and facilitating the integration of sound energy management practices into all sectors of the New Zealand economy. EMANZ points out that better energy management improves business through reduced costs and reduced environmental impact; it’s research shows that New Zealand businesses can reduce energy consumption by 20 percent for no or little cost.


And lighting provider and Facilities Integrate New Zealand exhibitor LZ NZ shows that around 20 percent of the worlds energy consumption goes to artificial lighting, and that 70 percent of those lights can be replaced with more energy efficient LED alternatives. The potential savings here alone are substantial, as incandescent bulbs expend 95 percent of the energy consumed on heat; in an LED light, just 2 percent of energy generates heat.


Similarly, World Solar notes that commercial energy consumption can be dramatically reduced by harnessing the power of the sun’s rays. As solar power matures, it is becoming more cost-effective and suitable not only for homes, but also office buildings and agri-business, supplementing traditional energy sources for improved overall efficiency and reduced environmental impact.


Also exhibiting at Facilities Integrate New Zealand is energy services company NuGreen, along with Total Utilities Management Group, which provides energy efficiency solutions for the built environment through multiple teams. This reflect the necessity for holistic approaches to energy management. These teams include finance, energy, sustainability, property and facility specialists, which work together to develop strategies and design, specify, install, maintain and measure and verify a range of solutions.


Garty says the growing number of exhibitors and speakers with green solutions on offer reflects market demand. “There’s little question that industry operators today recognise the need for lower-impact solutions in the design, construction and operation of modern buildings. There are multiple exciting developments in green technology, and we’re looking forward to seeing them showcased at Facilities Integrate New Zealand this September.”


Trade only; Facilities Integrate gathers all the major players in one place so you can try and buy the latest equipment, source the best suppliers, network with potential business partners, and stay on top of what’s going on in your industry. For more information and to register for free entry, visit https://www.facilitiesintegrate.nz or pay $25 at the gate.


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