Auckland 2015

14-15 Oct, Wed–Thu 9pm–4am, ASB Showgrounds

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Sietec Security Ltd

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SieTec Security Ltd 100% Kiwi Owned and Operated
Added Value IP End Point Importer / distributor
Full technical support on all products
3rd Tier Support to our installer channels
Our client base through our Installer Partners
Power Companies including Mighty River Power and Transpower
Car parking Facilities
And more

What we do:-
Asset Tracking
IP Based Access Control
IP Audio Distribution with no limits on distance
100 Zones 1000 End Points
IP / SIP / VoIP Intercoms
Specialised IP/SIP Industrial Telephones
Emergency Call Point and Announcement Systems
Specialised Shrink Wrapped Systems pre-configured prior to despatch
Proven Solutions

Who we Represent:-
We represent major World Wide Companies such as
2N Telecommunications - Czech Republic
Paxton Access Control - United Kingdom
Guardian Telecom - Canada
DAC Limited - UK
Teletics Inc - Canada
and more......

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New Products in Auckland 2015

2N® Indoor Touch - Lifestyle Monitor

Together with the 2N series of intercoms in the 2N® Helios IP range, the new elegant 2N® Indoor Touch internal touch screen panel constitutes an integrated, professional door communication system. The 2N® Indoor Touch has highly intuitive control – by merely looking at the screen display, you can see who is standing at your door. It’s just as easy to display missed calls, and when you want to rest, all you have to do is set the status to “Do not disturb". Using the button icons on the touchscreen, you can not only initiate a conversation with your visitor or neighbour, but you can unlock the door or turn on the lights in the corridor or entry hall or control the lift etc. - Ideal for any home, apartment or multi-tenant situation whether commercial, industrial or even gated community.

2N® Helios IP Intercom Series - - Some Common features

Some of the common features available in most Helios IP Intercoms are:- Integrated Camera, Upto 4 internal outputs, with integration multiple inputs / outputs, additional licenses for Enhanced features, Optional 10Watt models, 1999 tenant directory, 3 numbers per tenant, RFID integration, 2N Helios IP Eye support, PoE or 12Vdc supply, programmable script writing for specialised internal or external remote control, real time profiles, NTP link, SNMP, SIP VoIP, ONVIF, HD Cameras, building access control, time and attendance, IP evironmental ratings advertised and much more.

2N® Helios IP Force - NEW HD Camera Model

An entrance intercom/access controller/ONVIF camera - Capable of handling extreme conditions The 2N® Helios IP Force is an exceptionally robust TCP/IP intercom that will ensure you effortless communication with the visitors to your door, in combination with reliable security for your building entrance. It supports voice and video communication using the SIP protocol and can deal with the most demanding conditions. All the 2N Helios IP Intercoms except for the Helios IP Uni have the capability of programmable control scripts for additional local or remote control of events and functions. Meets IP65+ depending upon model.................................................................................................................

2N® Helios IP Safety - NEW 2 Button Version

A Visible Aid in Need - ORANGE to make highly visible in emergency situations. 2N® Helios IP Safety is a modern TCP/IP emergency intercom that will ensure two-way communication between two remote locations when needed. Its reliability is enhanced by robust construction and other practical properties that take into account its use in high-stress operations. Its high visibility orange colour and illuminated buttons ensure that it is highly visible and functions even in crisis situations. Ideal for any Emergency Call Point on highways (ERT), campuses, industrial sites and more. Again with programmable scripts for interface in to other emergency systems. As per all Helios IP INtercoms it also can include SNMP health check capability and more.Again IP65+ .

2N® Helios IP Verso - NEW Modular Intercom

Only One Can Be Truly Perfect The 2N® Helios IP Verso is a security intercom that, thanks to its modularity, can be used everywhere you need to choose a specific function and purpose of use. For example, you can choose an HD camera with an infrared light and night vision or a smart card RFID reader. It is not only easily integrated into your current camera and monitoring system, but thanks to programmable control scripts, the whole building access control system can be used as a security component to protect the building.

2N® Helios IP Vario - New UPDATED Firmware

Variability for Everyone The 2N® Helios IP Vario is a TCP/IP SIP door intercom that perfectly combines the most advanced technology with a unique design. It is a multi-module variable communication system which supports both voice and video transmission. All that in an TCP/IP environment using the SIP VoIP protocol.

2N® Helios IP Uni - New - Now with Pictograms

An affordable door intercom At first sight, the 2N® Helios IP Uni is a simple, yet very interesting door intercom in terms of possibilities and easy installation. It offers the advantages of a TCP/IP environment and SIP telephone, while its simple installation allows the use of the existing LAN network. Control is very intuitive, and is of high quality construction in a practical design which ensures the device is sufficiently durable and resilient to external influences.

2N® Access Unit - NEW - Standalone or Networked with many others

A very simple to install access control system The 2N® Access Unit is a highly reliable access control system using TCP/IP technology. With an eye-catching representative design, it is also sure to please with its simplicity, as it only consists of an autonomous TCP/IP RFID card reader, which also supports NFC technology, embedded with a controller in a single compact device. All you need to do is connect it to your own LAN network, and then configure it with ease via a web interface. The 2N® Access Unit offers a great price to performance ratio and is the ideal solution for small and medium firms either as a fuly networked system or just standalone. Managed either via the 2N® Access Commander or simply via a web browser.

2N® IP Intercoms now with NFC - Easy control of access to your building

The 2N IP access control system ensures totally reliable control of entry to buildings and hence increasing the degree of security at any exposed location. By simply preventing entry to a building by unauthorised persons, or can limit their entry to only certain parts of a building. The 2N IP access control system is highly efficient and yet very simple. It offers an extremely comprehensive solution for access control with all the modern functions and benefits arising from using the IP infrastructure. For installation in the SOHO/SME segment, all that is needed is a device comprised of a few components and simple software. Users don’t have to waste time on long installations or complicated set-up. In addition, together with our portfolio of IP intercoms, the 2N access system is an ideal access control solution for any building.

2N® Access Commander - NEW

Effective management of access systems 2N® Access Commander is end user intuitive software for management of multiple IP intercoms and autonomous RFID readers from 2N, which also includes a Time and Attendance module. It is easily installed on a virtual server and the application is then available via a web browser at anytime, anywhere. All you need is a mobile device or desktop computer to access the settings. 2N® Access Commander is characterised by extreme simplicity of installation and intuitive control. It is designed for end users who want to manage their own access control system and record attendance immediately and without complicated training.

2N® 2Wire - Network to 2wire conversion for using TCP/IP devices over older 2w traditional infrastructure

Now IP virtually from anywhere - The 2N® 2Wire is a converter that allows you to connect any TCP/IP device along a two-wire twisted pair or coaxial cable, even in an analogue environment, or in a place with limited IP infrastructure. The major advantage is that you only need one cable for the transmission of data and power. Upto 220m + with PoE and 720m with power supplied at device end........................................................................................

2N® IP VoIP and SIP Paging

2N VoIP paging brings a convenient way to use a telephone or mobile phone for making public announcements, thanks to the simple interconnection with IP PBX systems via SIP protocol.

2N® IP Background Music or Music On Hold Systems

2N Background music or Music on Hold (MOH) system enables its users to stream background music and internet radio, broadcast recorded announcements or page online information using LAN, WiFi or internet networks instead of 100V cabling. Standard of 100 Zones and 1,000 End Points

2N® IP Public Address

2N offers a complete, centrally managed system for public address leveraging existing LAN/WAN/internet network infrastructure. It is intended for installations, where it could be difficult or even impossible to install 100V audio cables.. This offers Public Address anywhere. Standard of 100 Zones and 1,000 End Points.

2N® IP Audio Solutions

Complete solutions for audio distribution Music, Voice Paging, Emergency Announcement, Scheduling, Triggered Announcements, Sycronising across the network and much more. IP audio solutions from 2N are primarily used to address, inform and alert a wide circle of people such as customers, students, employees and visitors in public spaces. 2N brings a complete solution instead of delivering just hardware components. Our solutions are used in the following market segments: Hospitality & Entertainment, Broadcast, Telecommunication, Retail, Transportation and Education.

2N® IP Audio Systems - Public Address - Music - Emergency Alerts

Audio distribution with no limits on distance The IP audio systems from the 2N portfolio enable audio content distribution via LAN, WAN or internet networks over great distances via many different network support media, even wirelessly. The system breaks all limits on distance and deliver high quality audio. All hardware components across many networks can be monitored from one central management tool on a server or PC. In case of any unexpected situation (e.g disconnected loudspeaker, decreased volume), you can be immediately informed. The whole system can be remotely and very easily upgraded. IP audio systems are the ideal solution for amusement parks, zoos, hotels, schools, shopping centres, restaurants, airports, rail/bus stations, commercial, industrial, office buildings or sports and cultural facilities.

2N® Mobile Audio Gateway - Public Announcements from Anywhere in the World

With the 2N® Mobile Audio Gateway you simply and easily, have the opportunity to make live announcements, from any telephone (including mobile phones), even in places where there is no landline. All you need is GSM coverage or a 3G signal at the PA location.. You can then use this intelligent audio system to make immediate live announcements, in particular at chain stores, in large production halls and complexes or local PA systems. White directory prevents unauthorised announcements.

2N In-Store Radio - Centrally managed audio content distribution

The 2N In-store radio solution allows you to stream and schedule high quality background music and advertisements to an unlimited number of stores from a single location over a LAN/WAN or over the Internet. Furthermore, the system together with the 2N® NetSpeaker Control Panel application allows you to flexibly modify your promotions such as seasonal stocks, special offers or stock clearances from headquarters. Different promotions can be streamed to different stores at the same time. Sell advertising time In-Store(s) to your suppliers. Promotions and more.