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25-26 Nov, Wed–Thu 10am–5pm, ASB Showgrounds

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Brandon van Blerk

Brandon van Blerk

Brandon van Blerk is a serial entrepreneur and the CEO of Tether (, a Kiwi start-up created to help solve the problems we face with unhealthy living, learning and working environments and energy inefficient buildings within New Zealand and Australia.

Brandon is an eternal optimist who always manages to find the best in every situation. He uses this optimism in conjunction with his deep technical knowledge and training as a systems engineer to solve complex technical challenges while managing to motivate and direct his team.

Brandon has a passion for impacting people’s lives positively and a vision to do so through technology.

Brandon’s specialities include: Marketing & Brand Strategy, Sales Strategy, Technical Consulting, System Engineering.

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Thursday 26 November
Connected Environments: What it takes to become a smart organisation in a smart country.
3pm-3:45pm Bunnings Trade Speaker Series

Our world is moving at a speed where nearly anything can be continuously digitally connected. Now, more than ever, the opportunities made available by these connections are revolutionising our homes, our workplaces and our cities.

To fully realise the economic and societal opportunities IoT offers Aotearoa, we need more strategic leaders and innovators who understand the multiple dimensions of a ‘Connected Environment’: technology, data, ethics & governance, and ultimately business impact.

With new techniques of machine learning and artificial insights, and advances in wireless communications such as 5G we are able to manage human activities and engagement to a far deeper and meaningful level. Machine learning, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, digital twins are examples of technologies that support human activity through automation, deep insights of information meaning and engagement for critical action.

Whether you’re operating at an enterprise level or you’re an individual wanting to leverage technology to drive organisational efficiency and advantage using sensing systems, this is a critical time to recognise the impact of IoT, 5G and deep data analytics. The insights it can expose requires strategic consideration and foresight. Creating a Connected Environment is more than adding sensors to existing operations, it is a strategic decision enabling better organisational outcomes and more effective delivery of your purpose to your clients.

How will we make effective use of Connected Environment technologies to make Aotearoa a more liveable and prosperous nation? How will we imbue technology solutions with values that draw on our indigenous knowledge and history to create a positive impact for people and planet

Join the conversation with our panel of entrepreneurs and experts to discuss why Connected Environments represent a digital turning point that will impact all of us.