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Glenn Inkster

Glenn Inkster

Since joining TransNet as a Sales Engineer in 2009 Glenn has been heavily involved in the implementation and growth of the energy efficiency division. This initially covered the introduction of LED lighting and now includes the introduction of EV charging, with both requiring crucial monitoring and managing of energy consumption to be effective. Glenn is an Electrician/Instrument Service Person by trade with many years of experience working at NZ Steel and Fonterra, and his current role encompasses sourcing, testing, and launching of new technologies to market. His passion for EV was sparked while assisting his son with a school project, coupled with his long history in the NZ motor racing scene.

TransNet holds a unique position in the EV charging world because our core business involves working with electricity network companies and electricians on infrastructure, so our understanding of practical requirements and limitations allows us to find suitable, reliable, and achievable EV charging solutions. Glenn is currently helping several vehicle importers to better understand charging requirements and find appropriate products for their needs, and is using his real-world expertise to ensure EV charging is implemented to the best of the network’s ability.

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Wednesday 29 June
Determining The Charging Capacity Your Facility Needs
3:15pm-4pm Seminar Series - brought to you by Bunnings Trade

Glenn Inkster - e-Mobility Division Manager, TransNet NZ Limited

We inherently lean toward ‘bigger is always better’.  With EV charging infrastructure that’s not always the case and in some instances, this way of thinking leads to unnecessary expense building something that simply isn’t required.  Enabling people to easily work out the EV charging capacity they need, without having to get technical with kw / kwh / amp / kVa etc is key and we will work through doing just that!  With a firm understanding of EV charging basics, you’re in a better position to truly understand what capacity your facility is actually going to need (taking in to account the ability to futureproof) and make an informed commitment to get that infrastructure.  Simple things like the way parking spaces are planned (angle, parallel etc) and how to best position sprinklers/cable tray to have it ready for the inevitability of EV charging infrastructure being installed can be the difference between a fast, easy, inexpensive install or a long costly and invasive one. We work through the process to make your carpark area ‘EV ready’ and most importantly what that actually means.  Part of this planning and understanding of exactly what is required is the reason single phase charging is more flexible and lower cost than three phase charging.