Auckland 2024

25-26 Jun, Tue–Wed 10am–5pm, Auckland Showgrounds

New Product Showcase

You'll find the latest technology, alternative products and get a snapshot of what's happening in your industry at Facilities Integrate. Find leading solutions and innovation to take your business to the next level.



  • Aero - 

    Aero is introducing AeroBarrier to New Zealand and Australia.AeroBarrier is a game-changing process & proven system to increase building envelope airtightness very reliably.Airtightness is a significantly more cost effective approach to energy efficiency and moisture management 

    • More cost-effective design and construction 

    • Lower heating and cooling costs 

    • Reduced mould and mildew 

    • Better air quality 

    • Improved indoor comfort 

    • More cost effective, high performance homes 

    Aero makes is simple to design and build HomeStar homes providing a 70% energy saving over standard code built houses. 

  •  EC8 - 

    Imagine if your drywall arrived precut, ready to go on the wall? Sockets, pipes and windows all pre-cut.  EC8 have developed the technology to digitally measure houses and robotically pre-cut drywall, delivered before you pass pre-line inspections.  Reducing build times by 1-2 days, and reducing waste by up to 30%.  A kiwi designed world first. 

  • Ekopaints - 

    Speedheater – Paint removal with IR  

    Eco-friendly, effective and gentle paint removal with infrared heat. A game-changer in paint removal. Eco-friendly window & facade renovation, made in Sweden. Fast & secure delivery, remove old paint and varnish in seconds to allow repainting with durable and sustainable linseed oil paint. 

  •  Genetec - 

    Security Center SaaS is a unified physical security solution that you can choose to deploy in the cloud or as a hybrid solution. It unifies access control, video management, forensic search, intrusion monitoring, automation, and many other advanced security capabilities. 

    It's everything you love about Genetec, deployable in the cloud. Get enterprise-grade features, with the speed and ease of cloud-based SaaS. 

  •  RapidShim - 

    Half the time to install doors with RapidShim™. Featuring a patent-pending wedge system with a push-pull ratchet for easy, secure alignment. Ideal for professionals aiming to double productivity in residential and commercial installs.