Auckland 2024

25-26 Jun, Tue–Wed 10am–5pm, Auckland Showgrounds

Warmstone Underfloor Heating

Warmstone Ltd. supplies and installs cotton-mesh carbon heaters in NZ. Distinguish your construction projects from others with Warmstone Underfloor Heating. We simply make Kiwi homes warmer and healthier.

The cotton-mesh carbon heaters are;

1. Easy to install on any substrate subfloor. It takes about two days to install three-bedroom houses.
2. No need for cement or compounds. (Dry method installation)
3. Evenly warm and quick heating dissipation
4. Low maintenance/long life span

Showcase Products:

Cotton-mesh carbon heaters in four different widths. (1500mm, 1300mm, 1000mm, 650mm)
-1mm thickness Design heating elements to fit into the space.
-Radiant heating with far-infrared.