Auckland 2019

25-26 Sep, Wed: 9:30am-5pm, Thu 9:30am–4pm, ASB Showgrounds

ICT NZ: Presented by BICSI

Join BICSI for the inaugural ‘ICT NZ’ technical summit at Facilities Integrate.

The seminar programme will cover key topics for all building services and facilities management professionals including the latest trends in smart buildings and the IoT; effective connectivity to maximise the UFB; OHS best practice; and the standards and regulations that govern their proper deployment.

BICSI is known for its progressive first-rate technical conferences and exhibitions around the world, providing ICT professionals with ground-breaking information about the hottest topics in the industry. Now BICSI will bring leading ICT education to New Zealand with the debut of ‘ICT NZ —Presented by BICSI’.

Speakers include:
HealthAlliance, CMDHB, Aurecon, Beca, Chorus, BICSI, Safety in Design, NCSC, NZ Protective Security, WorkSafe NZ, AUT, Safety in Design, SafetyBox, HASANZ, Mental Health Foundation of NZ

Check out the full schedule below:


Wednesday 25 September

ICT Infrastructure – The Foundation of Present & Future Technologies for Building Services

Building services are adopting digital technologies faster than the industry can keep up. BICSI will outline the essential infrastructure that needs to be in place.

Mental Health and Well-being in Building Services

This highly respected panel of OHS thought-leaders will consider the positive impact mental health and wellbeing have on workers (respectful & collaborative environment, improved work/life balance); and on the business (improved productivity, employer of choice).

The panel will present local and international research on workplace trends and what has/hasn’t worked and helpful guidelines on workplace policies/processes; what it takes to have a good day; followed by a case study workshop.

Learning outcomes will include three things we can do differently going back to work.

Delivering the Latest in Digital Healthcare

As digital technologies become increasingly deployed in healthcare for improved patient care and treatment, the dependability of the design and maintenance of digital networks becomes paramount. Hear from health boards and expert design engineers on current successes and future challenges.

Smart Building Solutions that are Delivering Real Value

Building owners and tenants are using next-generation information and communication technologies to increase their operational efficiency, share information and improve the quality of services they provide to others. In this presentation, Beca will be presenting a range of smart building features based on their track record in New Zealand and Singapore to show how new technology is bringing tangible benefits to all building users. The technology solutions discussed will include enhancing security system performance through video analytics; providing building users with direct control of their local environment using mobile device applications and using automated data analysis to improve building energy efficiency. 


Thursday 26 September

ICT Infrastructure – The Foundation of Present & Future Technologies for Building Services

Building services are adopting digital technologies faster than the industry can keep up. BICSI will outline the essential infrastructure that needs to be in place.

Managing the Cyber Threat Landscape for your Premises

Cybersecurity threats extend well beyond the cloud and ICT infrastructure, given the modern connected premises and the growth of connected devices. This is a top priority for our Government and communities, with major initiatives like the Protective Security Requirements (PSR) and New Zealand Information Security Manual (NZISM) in place to deal with threats. In this presentation, we interview one of New Zealand’s foremost cyber-security experts and major contributor to government and industry strategies and policies to mitigate cyber-threats to businesses and communities - a must-attend presentation for all building services professionals.

Why We Need a Cyber-resilient Culture

Research shows that cyber threats are more likely to come from within an organisation than outside. So while companies develop strategies to ward off external attacks, they also need to develop a cyber-resilient culture within their business.

This presentation will outline how to develop such a culture, addressing the risks associated with personnel, IT/OT, IoT, third parties and governance; and how to protect people and process with technology.

Developing a Safety Culture in the Workplace

As the safety regulator, we want to broaden thinking and action beyond compliance and the immediate daily operational focus of businesses and workers. As a nation, we need to work together to create a pro-active safety culture.


Increasing Bandwidth at the Optical Fibre Physical Layer

Both data centre operators and telecommunication Service Providers face insatiable bandwidth demands from different perspectives, and as a result, have different options to consider.

Data centre operators need to manage several layers of massive optical redundant connections between building clusters and between data centre sites, whereas telecommunication service providers are seeking options to significantly increase bandwidth density in their limited right of way space for long haul backbones.

This presentation covers promising break-through physical layer technologies that will yield tremendous optical fibre bandwidth improvements to meet the demands of both sectors.