Auckland 2015

14-15 Oct, Wed–Thu 9pm–4am, ASB Showgrounds

Seminar Series

Attend the free Seminar Series to upskill and expand your knowledge on topics showcasing the latest trends and insights within the facilities management and system integration industries.

Come to Seminar Room 1 to be educated and inspired by topics covering laser projection technology, connected buildings, unified communications and LED lighting among others.

Seminar Room 2 will cover topics such as the facilities management of the Rugby World Cup, an architectural case-study of the Len Lye Contemporary Art Museum, health and safety, energy management and more.

Seminar seating is on a first come, first served basis.

Visitors must be registered to attend the free seminars. 

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Wednesday 14 October

Connected buildings at work

The Internet of Everything (IoE) has arrived, moving the world beyond standalone devices into a new era where everything is connected. In this presentation Michael Brookes will explain how by taking advantage of the age of internet ubiquity, connected buildings are evolving, combining data, process and technology to reduce asset lifecycle costs, open up new potential sources of revenue, and enhance the customer experience.

Inside the Rugby World Cup

Get the inside scoop on the Rugby World Cup in these back-to-back talks from Martin Snedden and Ian Jones. Martin will share his Rugby World Cup story, including a wealth of insights into the facilities management issues involved with this global event while Ian will offer personal insights into the player experience of competing in the Rugby World Cup that few people can provide.

Discover laser projection technology

Karla Kimi, along with Panasonic Pro AV technician Gordon Barclay, will discuss how laser projection technology works, the benefits of moving to laser projection, lower total cost of ownership and everything else you need to know about this cutting-edge technology. 

Panel Discussion: FM and integration in the design process

Of the all the phases of a building’s life cycle, the operational phase carries the highest financial cost to the building owner and/or occupier. Yet there are many examples of decisions made during the design and construction phases that result in costly operational and maintenance challenges.

With the objective of identifying ways in which the management and operation of buildings can better influence these early phases, this session presents the audience with the opportunity to hear what key stakeholders have to say, to direct questions to the panel members and to share their experiences of good and not so good building design.

KNX: Smarter solutions with no boundaries

KNX is an international building control standard that enables the integration and programming of a range of products from a range of manufacturers using a single software tool. This presentation will cover everything you need to know about KNX from the worldwide group to operations here in New Zealand. 

Delivering energy savings in buildings through best practice

We all have a role to play in improving energy performance in buildings. This presentation outlines what facility managers and property managers need to know for themselves and their service providers if they are serious about improving the energy and environmental performance of their buildings. 

Maximising your meeting rooms

Are you getting the most out of your meeting room fleet? Do your people spend their meetings productively? Having effective, intuitive room booking and collaboration systems is essential to maximising the impact of your meeting rooms on business success. Hear about how you can easily understand meeting room utilisation and how your rooms are being used through integrated AV and IT technology.

Let's talk gensets: Making tanks and gensets a priority rather than an afterthought in a building

A seminar for site architects, engineers building managers, health & safety officers and anyone needing foundational knowledge of the placement, properties and risks associated with hazardous substances on their site.


Thursday 15 October

Robina Hospital chiller plant optimisation

Robina Hospital, on the Gold Coast, is the first facility in Australia to implement the patented chiller plant optimisation, Demand Flow. Kieran McLean will provide a detailed case study of the huge energy savings the facility has made through the implementation, including a reduction in water consumption through the consolidation of cooling tower infrastructure, improved dehumidification control in critical hospital areas and a reduction in operating and maintenance costs due to the consolidation of three chilled water plants to one. 

Rehousing genius - The new Len Lye Contemporary Art Museum

Architect Andrew Patterson and electrical engineer Mark Kessner talk about designing the Len Lye Contemporary Art Museum in New Plymouth, New Zealand’s only dedicated single-artist gallery. Hear Andrew and Mark discuss the technical, construction, aesthetic, and civic demands of the project, including the challenges of incorporating energy efficiency, technological complexity, and

Connected lighting for offices and power over ethernet

This presentation will cover the latest developments in connected lighting and explain the benefits these lighting systems can bring to building owners, facility managers, and users. It includes examples of world-leading commercial connected lighting projects including The Edge office building in Amsterdam, along with other recent connected lighting examples.

Health and Safety Reform Bill: Preparing for change

Graeme will explore the likely impact of the Health and Safety Reform Bill on the building management industry. He will focus on the anticipated changes, and most importantly, how industry participants should think about and prepare for change. Graeme will also share with participants his key learnings from 25 years of practice in the HSE, building management, and construction space.

Is anyone paying attention? Analysing a building's performance automatically

How does your building really perform? Is anyone paying attention? Automated Analytics is software that continuously analyses your building to help it produce a greener footprint, making it cheaper to run and earning you more through higher rental rates.

It also checks that your building's power usage is normal given that it's 6pm and someone's still working, warns when you are paying for unintentional simultaneous heating and cooling, and reports which of your 100 VAVs aren't performing well, defining the top maintenance priorites.

Automated Analytics helps you use your time, your people, and your finances more efficiently.


Current developments in the security industry of relevance to facilities managers

In this talk Charles O'Donnell will cover the organisational changes in operational responsibilities between security and facilities management, as well as technical issues surrounding security including integration, the importance of product selection and the need for professional engineering oversight. 

Getting the most out of smart buildings

We're in the midst of a significant change in working style demands. We're communicating more than ever but making fewer phone calls - this is changing how we collaborate and demands on the modern workplace. How do we get ahead of the curve on this? 

Make all your dreams come true using Audio over IP to extend or replace existing traditional audio systems

In this talk, Petr will give an overview of what an IP audio system is, discuss its benefits in comparison to analog systems, and using case studies show how an IP audio system can upgrade or extend audio systems in large and small facilities.